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HPX & HPT75-B11
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The HPX75& HPT B11 MaxStream portable pumps have been developed specially for the demands of firefighting situations. higher pressures and light weight make this pump ideal for truck mount applications or as a versatile portable pump.

The HPX75-B11 comes complete with a 12-volt electric start integral system. The on-board fuel tank provides 1 gallon of fuel with a shut-off valve. The HpX75-B11 is an ideal product for OEM installation. The pump has a standard engine mounted throttle and choke.

The HPT75-B11 is equipped with carrying handles, mounted battery, mounted hand primer, and discharge gauge.


  • Pressure capabilities up to 240 PSI
  • Configured for easy installation by truck builders
  • Convenient starting with recoil or push button electric start
  • USFS style hand primer
  • Superior performance
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Meets ISO Class 9 Performance Rating
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