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Duplex Gauge
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 Duplex gauges should be used when two different pressures need to be monitored on a single gauge such as balanced pressure foam systems or Class "A" foam systems with both air and water pressures.

New gauge body design for fire service gauges make installation a simple operation. The new case utilizes a unique spin-on ring to clamp the gauge into the pump panel.

Our new style body will also work if you need to replace an existing Class 1 gauge. The hole cut out sizes are the standard Class 1 sizes.

Case Material Nylon
Bezel Material Chrome
Dual Sockets Bronze equipped with Suz-Z freeze protection
Bourdon Tubes Filled with low temperature material
Connections 1/4" male NPT lower back, side by side
Lens Acrylic
Case Fill Fluid Interlube
Dial White with black markings or black with white markings
Accuracy + 2% of scale
Pointers 1 red and 1 black or white with black dial
Temperature Compensation Internal breathing diaphragm
Pressure Ranges Available 0- 400, 0- 600



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