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Class 1
ES-Key Professional and Pro Service Software
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An extensive report documents your system as you program. Logic as simple or as complex as necessary to accomplish your goal. You control the program so you are in charge. Wire your vehicles the same and change their behavior by simply changing the program. Activate options, change flash patters and load management setting without changing a single wire.

Diagnostics and troubleshooting are easy with Es-Key Pro Service software. Connect to your vehicle locally or via a dial up telephone line. Download the vehicle's program and you're in. Troubleshoot the entire system or one single output. With the ability to force on or off any input or output, you can diagnose problems quickly and easily. Downloading and priming reports and data logger information is effortless. Finding and fixing electrical system faults has never been easier.

With the ES-Key Professional software, you're in control -

  • Handle your own circuits
  • Use simple logic statements
  • Unlimited load management
  • Nest logic to perform any interlock
  • Use virtual circuits to create custom program funtions
  • Automatically create printable system reports
  • Configure display messages


  • Real-time feedback
  • Detailed CAN information
  • Fault code reproting
  • Module status information
  • Local or dial up connection capability
  • Easy download capability
  • Force on or force off any input or output
  • View component firmware versions

To download software updates, please visit our ES-Key protected download site.

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