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Class 1

ES-Key Custom Solutions
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Class 1 custom interfaces provide customers with a look all of their own while continuing to utilize the quality of ES-Key Components on which they rely.

Whatever your interface needs, Class 1 will provide the solution. For information on custom displays, switch panels, and other interface devices, contact Class 1 Engineering at 1-800-533-3569.

Custom Solutions

Custom interfaces for ambulances include fully programmable switching, color displays, customable labels.

Fully programmable switching
4 x 5 color display
Electro-luminescent back lighting
Integral HVAC control
4 video input capability

Fully programmable switching
4 line 20 character display
Fiber optic back lighting
Integral HVAC control
Customizable labels

Fully automated climate control
Control HVAC from multiple locations
Inside and outside temperature inputs
All solid state
Automatic and manual modes
Blower fan smmothly ramps up and down to maintain temperature settings

Industrial Applications
The ES-Key system ties all of the components on the TITAN railcar to provide a total network solution.

Four camera inputs automatically switch to coupler and rail views during machine operation. Multiple screens fine tune the system components.

Special controllers prevent the wheels from free spinning during acceleration by communicating slip conditions to the throttle module which adjusts engine torque request.

Anti brake locking prevents the wheels from "locking up" during hard braking through dynamic brake pressure adjustments.

Automatic weight transfer maximizes traction by transferring thousands of pounds of weight from the railcare to the wheels.

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