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Customer Service &
Technical Support:
Portable Pumps that are rugged, tough, and engineered to perform

Hale pumps are rugged, tough and engineered to perform. Our portable pumps are built to last over the long haul with real world engineering and hard working construction. We have models in many sizes and configurations to meet your firefighting requirements.

Hale's portable pumps have outstanding features:

  • Large variety of pump end/engine combinations and configurations
  • Models available with integrated base fuel tanks
  • Available with Honda, Briggs and Stratton, and a variety of brand name engines
  • Portable Pro Kit models are available with foam or without foam. Foam units come complete with a Scotty Foam or FoamLogix 2.1A Foam Proportioning System and Class 1 premium components.
  • Full remote instrumentation packages
  • Dependable easy-to-service pump ends with a variety of options


Portable Pro Kit


Portable Pumps
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