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Customer Service FAQs
Where can I get service manuals for my Class 1 components
You can locate the manuals on this website under the Downloads tab in the specific product area that you are interested in.
How can I get a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and what information is required?
You can get an RMA by calling the Class 1 Customer Service Department at 800-533-3569 or by emailing the request to HaleCustomerService@idexcorp.com. We will need the part number of the item you wish to return, a description of what is wrong with the part or reason for the return and, if possible, the Purchase Order number on which you bought the part.
How can I check on the status of my RMA?
You can check on an RMA by calling the Class 1 Customer Service Department at 800-533-3569 or by emailing the request to HaleCustomerService@idexcorp.com.
What is the warranty for Class 1 parts?
The warranty for all Class 1 parts is 2 years from the date of manufacture, except for analog pressure gauges which is three years.
What is the warranty for Hale Portable pumps?
The warranty for Hale Portable Pumps is 2 years or 2000 hours whichever comes first.
I need a part for the motor on my Hale portable pump. Where can I find a source for these parts?
A listing of engine service centers can be found at these web sites:

For Briggs & Stratton follow this link and enter your zip code. http://www.briggsandstratton.com/display/Router.asp?DocID=63833&zip=&city=&DealerGroup=DL_USEngines

For Honda follow this link http://www.honda-engines.com/dea.htm

If you have a Fyr Flote, Port, or Pak then follow this link http://www.usmotorpower.com/820.htm#parts
What kind of Foam is approved for use in the FoamLogix 2.1A System?
A complete list of compatible brand foams can be found in the link at below in the Foam Concentrate Compatibility List.
Where can I get my Hale Portable Pump repaired?
A listing of Factory Authorized Service Centers can be found at the Customer Service Tab and in the quicklink information below.
The FoamLogix 2.1A display head reads "FLUSH". What should I do?
Check to ensure that the light on the CAFTEC SPEED SENSOR ASSY is lit. If not, P/N 200-2481-00-0 should be replaced. Set Sensor FLUSH with the inlet cover, then back out 1/4 turn. Secure with locking nut and install anti-seize compound.
I'm having difficulty calibrating my ITL water/foam level gauge. Where can I get some information about this?
It is important to note that best results are seen using a direct in and out motion when activating the magnetic switches on an ITL. Additionally, the unit MUST be activated on the right side once for "empty" and once again for the next set point. The service manual for the ITL tank level gauges and the original bar graph style gauge can be found on the Tank Level page under the Downloads tab.
ITL Tank Driver Manual
How can I tell the version of software installed in my Class 1 electronic component.
For GOVERNOR software revisions, see page 4 of the GOVERNOR MANUAL. While the governor is at idle and MODE is displayed, press and hold the IDLE switch for at least 7 seconds. The Message Center will scroll to the version number. Look for the message to be displayed as "Vx.x".
For our ELECTRONIC SSD PRODUCT LINE - with power off, hold a magnet in the area of the left magnetic switch while the unit is powered on. The revision will be shown by two sets of bars, i.e. 2 bars on left, 2 bars near middle would be Revision 2.2.
How do I run the Self-Test on my Captain Pressure Governor or my ITL tank level gauge?
The GOVERNOR self test requires using IDLE and INCREASE switches activated in the following order: Idle, Inc, Idle, Inc, Idle, Inc, Idle, Inc. The Governor Manual contains a Self Test Wroksheet that my be faxed to Class 1 for evaluation. It is important to note that this information is needed as well as the Revision and setponts porio to contact Class 1 Technical support as it aides in the troubleshooting procedure. The setpoints can be seen by activating Inc, Idle, Inc, Idle, Idle, Inc, Idle, Inc.
The ITL self test code is RLLR RLLR. Please see the ITL manual for further instructions.
I am having unusual messages showing in the Message Center of the Captain Pressure Governor. Where can I find out what these messages mean?
The Service Manual for the Captain Pressure Governor contains information regarding messages. If you have a message that is not explained in the manual, please call Class 1 Customer Service at 800-533-3569.
What does it mean when my ENFO III, ENFO IV, or Engine Status Center has dashes in the display windows?
Typically, this is an indication that the Class 1 item is not recieving information from the engine Databus. ENFO and Engine Status Center use the J1587 or J1708 databus. The ENFO IV uses the J1939 databus. Please see the service manuals located under the download tab for the ENFO III, ENFO IV or Engine Status Center for more information.
Is there a MSDS sheet available for the fluid in the Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges?
Yes, it can be found under the Doanloads tab on the Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge section.
Interlube MSDS
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