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New Products

Sentry Pressure Governor System
The Sentry Pressure Governor System is Class1’s latest in state of the art fire pump pressure control. Operating on the J1939 network, the Sentry is able to monitor engine RPM and other pertinent data directly from the engine ECU. This allows it to react very quickly and accurately to any change in fire pump pressure. The Sentry Pressure Governor System consists of a Sentry display, Twister throttle, pressure transducers and associated wiring. It utilizes Class1’s UltraView technology which is a custom tooled and programmed, 4.3 inch, full color LCD display with 8 buttons. The Sentry is packed with features that make it the most comprehensive and user friendly pressure governor to date. It has state of the art on board diagnostic features and is compatible with most engines.


ES Key and UltraView
Class 1 has introduced the ES Key and UltraView line of displays. The ES Key System and UltraView displays feature a fully modular design that allows users to customize more than 100 parameters for electronic engine monitoring, apparatus control functions, and vehicle and equipment diagnostics.

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Backit Gauges
Class 1 has introduced a new series of backlit pressure gauges which use LED's to liglht the liquid-filled gauges. The lighted gauges are available in red, green, blue, yellow and white. They offer bright illumination to increase visibility under extreme fire incident conditions

Total Pressure Governor Plus

Class 1 has announced the release of the TPG + Total Pressure Governor Plus. The TPG+ places vital pump and engine control information in one easy-to-use compact package.  Engine information including oil pressure and temperature, pump hours, fuel rate and engine hours, is available with one touch. The streamlined design reduces pump panel space requirements.





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