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A Unit of IDEX Corporation
607 NW 27th Avenue
Ocala  FL 34475

Customer Service &
Technical Support:
Phone: 352-629-5020     
Fax:     352-629-2902


Class 1 provides a complete line of gauges, electronic and electrical products, plumbing products, and Hale Portable pumps.


New Products

ITL40 Tank Level Gauge

The Class 1 ITL-40 Tank level indicator displays water and foam levels accurately with super bright LED technology easily viewable from 180 degrees. The similiar look to the TPG (Total Pressure Governor) and TPG Plus offers a cohesive pump panel appearance.

Vehicle Data Recorder (VDR)

The Vehicle Data Recorder enclosure is a Duetsch Box with a single 12 pin Connector (DTM06-12SA). The connector will have 3 terminals for Powertrain C.A.N. (single source SAE J1939 data input) for the required Engine RPM, Throttle %, Vehicle Speed, ABS Events and transmission Range Information, and 3 termals for "Seatbelt C.A.." (seat and seatbelt status).

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