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Es-Key Multiplexing System

The ES-Key Multiplexing system is a highly scalable and extremely adaptable system, making it perfect for a wide variety of applications. The ES-Key System was designed to meet the extreme damands of the fire service industry so quality is second to none. Class 1 has helped customers migrate the ES-Key system into nearly every mobile equipment application imaginable. Using the ES-Key system can save time and money.

Benefits of the ES-Key Multiplexing System

  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Complete electrical system control
  • Fewer light duty mechancial parts
  • Fewer electrical connections
  • Weight reduction due to less wiring
1. Smart Programmable Switch Panels allow up to 16 inputs to the ES-Key system. With over 27 different switch functions to choose from, any function can be accomplished.
2. The 24 input 24 output Supernode is at the heart of the electrical system. With its dual CAN feature, integration with any chassis J1939 network is a snap. Expanded utility functions, versatile flash pattern capabilities, and almost unlimited timers and counters give you everything you need to ge the job done.
3. Smart Programmable Switch. Panels come in 2, 4, and 8 switch sealed versions and 6 switch classic rocker switch versions.
4. Power Distribution Modules have built in circuit breaker protection eliminating the need for discrete components.
5. Vocation Interlock Modules handle your pump shift and interlock sequence and also provide a throttle interface to the various electronic engines.
6. With the built-in flash capability of the Supernode and Power Distribution modules, multiple flash patterns can be accomplished. Flash patterns can even be programmed to change at set intervals giving the appearance of random patterns.
ES-Key Software Downloads

ES-Key System Managers
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Es-Key Information & Connectivity Solutions
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ES-Key Professional & ES-Key Pro Service Software

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