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We maintain our unique position as the partners of choice for the world’s firefighting
professionals by continuing to deliver the benefits of innovative design, advanced
technology and state-of-the-art engineering.


New Products

ES Key and UltraView
Class 1 has introduced the ES Key Multiplexing System and the UltraView line of displays. The ES Key System and the UntraView displays feature a fully modular design that allows users to customize more than 100 parameters for electronic engine monitoring, apparatus control functions, and vehicle and equipment diagnostics.

Backlit Gauges
Class 1 has released a new series of backlit pressure gauges, which use LEDs to light the liquid-filled gauges. The lighted gauges are available in red, green, blue, yellow and white for 2.5-, 3.5-, 4.5- and 6-inch gauges. They offer bright illumination to increase visibility under extreme fire incident conditions. Class 1’s rugged design allows for steady needle viewing under pulsation and vibration normally seen on fire apparatus


New Bezels
New bezels have been designed to complement the bezels used in Hale’s existing line of electronic products. They have tapered and ribbed sides, and they are available in black and chrome variations. The bezels are also available power coated in various colors to help identify different gauges. All color label inserts conform to NFPA 1901 color standards.

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