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Class 1

Class 1 is the market leader in developing innovative technology applications for emergency vehicles. Founded in 1991, the company has state-of-the-art production facilities in Ocala Florida.

The company is dedicated to the improvement of fire apparatus through design and application innovation. Class 1 is equally committed to product quality and earned ISO 9001 registration in 1998. In fact, many of our innovative products are now standard equipment in most fire rescue vehicles.
Class1 has expertise in the design and production of custom electronic instrumentation, controls and plumbing components for heavy duty ground vehicle applications, including emergency, agricultural, construction and other equipment. The company continues to break new ground in technology applications such as it's ES-Key multiplexing system, which enables specific electronic components to communicate and transfer intelligence.
The strength of the company rests in the depth of talent of our employees. Class 1 employees serve on many national fire industry committees including FAMA, and the NFPA Apparatus Technical Committee to name a few.
In 2001 Hale Products Inc., as a division of IDEX Corporation, acquired Class 1. This acquisition provided Hale and Class 1 with the opportunity to become the only USA based suppliers who could provide all the products inside the pump house of a fire truck.
Class 1 is now part of the Fire Suppression Group of Hale Products Inc. The Fire Suppression Group is made up Class 1, Hale Pumps and Godiva. Our main focus covers products dealing with fire suppression. In doing this we have been able to focus the combined strength of these companies to provide a higher degree of service and innovation that would not have been possible if the companies were working independently.
Class 1 takes great pride in delivering unmatched customer service on a daily basis. We work closely with our customers to design and deliver the products they need on time, every time.

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