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A Unit of IDEX Corporation
607 NW 27th Avenue
Ocala  FL 34475

Customer Service &
Technical Support:
Phone: 352-629-5020     
Fax:     352-629-2902

Fire Service Links
If you wish to be added as a link to this page, please email: dwallner@idexcorp.com

Truck Manufacturers and Dealers         
Fire Related Sites          IDEX Companies


4 Guys www.4guysfire.com
Alexis Fire Equipment www.alexisfire.com
All American Fire www.all-americanfire.com
American LaFrance www.americanlafrance.com
Axmen www.axmenfire.com
Boise Mobile Equipment www.bmefire.com
Central States Fire Apparatus www.centralfire.com
Crimson Fire www.crimson-fire.com 
Dependable Emergency Vehicles www.dependable.ca
Emergency Vehicles Inc. www.evifl.com
Emergency Vehicle Technical Support http://evts1.com/
E-One www.e-one.com
Ferrera Fire Apparatus www.ferrerafire.com
Fireline www.firelineinc.com
Fort Gary Industries www.fgiltd.com 
Firetrucks Unlimited www.firetrucksunlimited.com
Gowans Knight www.gowansknight.com
HME Inc. www.hmetruck.com
KME Fire Apparatus www.kovatch.com
M & W Fire Apparatus www.mwfire.com
Marion Body www.marionbody.com
Mertz Fire apparatus www.mertzok.com
Pierce Manufacturing www.piercemfg.com
Precision Fire Apparatus www.precisionfireapparatus.com
Sea Ark Marine www.seaark.com
Seagrave Manufacturing www.seagrave.com
Smeal www.smeal.com
Sutphen Corporation www.sutphen.com
Sutphen East www.sutpheneast.com
Toyne Fire Trucks www.toyne.com
U.S. Tanker www.ustanker.com
Wildfire Truck and Equipment Sales www.brushtruck.com

FEMA www.fema.gov
FEMA - Fire Grant Support www.firegrantsupport.com
Fire Engineering www.fepennnet.com
Firefighting Links www.firefightinglinks.com
Firefighting.com www.firefighting.com
IAFC www.iafc.org
National Fire & Rescue www.nfrmag.com
National Fire Protection Association www.nfpa.org

Band-It www.band-it-idex.com
Blagdon Pump www.blagdonpump.com
Class 1 www.class1.com
Classic Engineering www.classicengineering.com
Corken www.corken.com
Dinglee www.rescue-tools.com
Fast & Fluid www.fast-fluid.com
Fluid Management www.fluidman.com
Gast Manufacturing www.gastmfg.com
Hale Europe www.haleeurope.com
Hale Products www.haleproducts.com
Halox www.haloxtech.com
Hurst Jaws of Life www.jawsoflife.com
Johnson Pump www.johnsonpump.com
Knight Equipment www.knightequip.com
Liquid ControlsPulsafeeder www.lcmeter.com
LUKAS www.lukas.de
Micro Pump www.micropump.com
Pulsafeeder www.pulsa.com
Rheodyne www.rheodyne.com
Sampi http://www.sampi.it/
Sapphire Engineering www.sapphireengineering.com
Sponsler  www.sponsler.com
Upchurch Medical www.upchurchmedical.com
Upchurch Scientific www.upchurch.com
Versa-Matic www.versamatic.com
Vetter www.vetter.de
Viking Pump www.vikingpump.com
Warren Rupp www.warrenrupp.com
Wright pump www.wrightpump.com


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